I love receiving book review request. However, I can’t accept all requests. While I appreciate all book review requests and put them into consideration, I will not accept books if:

  1. I don’t have time to read and review books in the near future due to busy schedule. Sometimes, I will deny a book review request because of this reason.
  2. The book is something I’m not interested in. I personally think that a writer/reviewer who is genuinely captivated by the subject of the book will be able to give a better point of view.

If you are an author or a publishing house, then I am always happy to accept books for review consideration. I accept self-published as well as traditionally published books.

All the reviews here are also posted in my  GOODREADS  account. I also take a picture of the book and promote it on my INSTAGRAM. This will help increase awareness about the book and create a buzz.

I always give honest reviews about the book at the time I’ve read it. My reviews do include criticism but I always try to find something positive. My opinion is nothing against the author and I avoid the use of profanity. I am open to healthy discussions so feel free to join the comment section.


Fiction: Young Adult, New Adult, Middle Grade with the genres

  • High Fantasy
  • Magic Realism
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Fiction
  • Retelling
  • Short Stories
  • Literary Fiction
  • Translated works (set in Asia)


  • Business
  • Self-Help
  • Psychology
  • Autobiography
  • Memoirs
  • History

NOTE: I accept books to review with the genres mentioned above in the ff forms:

  • Physical paperbacks/hardbacks
  • eBooks
  • Completed Works
  • ARCs
  • Galleys

I do not accept review copies for erotica, poetry, religious fiction and self-published books.


So if you’re an author or publisher and if you wanted me to review your book, feel free to contact me at

I would gladly participate in promoting authors and books or do online author interviews/spotlights.


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